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It’s time to give Oklahoma City animals a new, modern animal facility that meets the needs of our growing city.

Our Shelter Is Severely Outdated

When Oklahoma City’s animal shelter was built, our city's population was approximately 500,000.

Now, more than 650,000 call our city home. That means the need is much greater today, and our city will only continue to grow.

The current facility is located at 2811 Southeast 29th Street in Oklahoma City.

Image of cat in outdated and overcrowded oklahoma city shelter

It's Dangerously Overcrowded

Oklahoma City has reduced animal intake to the shelter to prevent overcrowding.

This maintains a safe environment for the animals but doesn’t begin to address the true citywide need. In June 2019, 476 animals had to be euthanized, mostly due to a lack of adequate space. This happened despite the efforts of shelter staff, rescue groups, and nonprofits who tirelessly work to minimize animal suffering.

Public Safety Is At Risk

Our current facility does not have the room to shelter the current demand. This situation places our pedestrians, children, all citizens, and the true welfare of the animals, at risk.

PAWS can address this crisis with a new modern animal shelter in MAPS 4.


(Project Animal Welfare Shelter)

Here's Our Plan.

New Animal Shelter Conceptual Rendering: Exterior
HSE Architects

New Animal Shelter Conceptual Rendering: Interior
HSE Architects

New Animal Shelter Needs

  • Needs roughly 67,000 square feet (existing facility and barn are approximately 47,000 square feet)
  • Welcoming Entrance and Landscaping
  • Safer and Larger Front Lobby
  • Vastly Improved Veterinary Facilities
  • Larger Cages
  • Adequate Space for Field Services Staff, et al
  • Welcoming, Hospitable, Safe, and Humane Building
  • Community and Public Safety Resource Facility


  • New facility could help resurrect surrounding areas
  • Partner with OSU’s College of Veterinary Health Sciences and OSU-OKC’s Vet-Tech Program
  • New facility is important to attracting talented individuals and families looking to relocate to Oklahoma City

Vote Tuesday December 10 for MAPS 4!

Encourage friends, family, and other potential supporters to vote YES December 10.

For more information about the broader MAPS 4 proposal, you can visit the official MAPS 4 campaign page by clicking here

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Spread the word.
Oklahoma City's animals need your help!

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