PAWS for MAPS 4 events

PAWS for MAPS 4 Events

Thursday, July 11, 2019 (9:00 am)

Municipal Building (City Hall) Council Chambers
701 Couch Drive, Oklahoma City, OK. 73102

OKC Mayor and City Council hears animal shelter presentation and from supporters at special City Council meeting.

We need all PAWS supporters to attend the special OKC City Council meeting scheduled for the morning of July 11, 2019. Please note that the animal shelter presentation and listening session is the last item on their agenda. It will be ok for supporters to arrive at 10am or potentially later to ask questions of city staff and express your support for a new shelter to OKC’s Mayor Holt and City Council members.

How Can You Help?

to email Mayor Holt and our City Council to ask them to build the shelter!

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Add your voice to the cause:

A New Animal Welfare Shelter for Oklahoma City in MAPS 4.

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Spread the word.
Oklahoma City's animals need your help!

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